OBS!Meddelande från DiMarzio 29/8 2022.

“If you’re familiar with our old tone chart, you will notice a lot has changed with the new version. To start with, most of the tone numbers are very different, and there are now 2 midrange bands (low mid and hi mid). The low mids are basically centered around 400-600Hz, and the high mids are centered around 1.2KHz. Treble response is now based on resonant peak frequencies. What this means in the most practical sense is that it tells you how bright the unwound strings are. You will notice that some of the humbuckers have higher treble numbers than the single-coils. This is not a mistake; the high strings on some of the humbuckers like the EJ Custom are brighter than typical single-coils, but many of the single-coils sound brighter overall because they have less mids. Likewise, bass response is about low frequency response. It isn’t about power – it’s about tone. A pickup with very high resistance like the HS-3 has very dark bass response but also fairly high treble and scooped mids.”